Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What area does the Marshall Area Fire Fighters Ambulance Authority (MAFFAA) cover?
A: MAFFAA serves 324 square miles of Central Calhoun County Including the following municipalities:

   Burlington Township City of Marshall
   Clarendon Township Convis Township
   Eckford Township Fredonia Township
   Lee Township Marengo Township
   Marshall Township Tekonsha Township

Q: How many ambulances does MAFFAA own/operate?
A: MAFFAA owns 6 Ambulances in total, and no longer provides wheelchair van service, as of June, 2014.

  • 5 Advanced Life Support (Paramedic / Critical Care)
  • 1 Basic Life Support (EMT - Basic) in a backup role 

Q: How many people work for MAFFAA?
A: MAFFAA employs:       

  • 24 Paramedics 
    • 17 Full Time, 7 Part Time (13 Critical Care)
    • 5 Shift Supervisors (1 Instructor/Coordinator) 
    • 1 Operations Manager (Instructor/Coordinator)
    • 1 Executive Director (Instructor/Coordinator)
  • 12 Emergency Medical Technicians – Basic (Part-Time)
  • 1 Billing Manager, 1 Billing Specialist 

Q: What are the levels of Pre-Hospital care providers?
A: Medical First Responder (MFR), EMT-Basic (EMT), EMT-Specialist (EMT-S), EMT-Paramedic (EMT-P), EMS Instructor-Coordinator. Although utilized during the transport of critically ill patients, the Critical Care Paramedic is a national certification which is not currently recognized by the State of Michigan.

Q: How many hours of training are required for each level of Pre-Hospital Provider?
A: Medical First Responder: 64-80 Hours
     Basic EMT - Additional: 200-250 Hours
     Specialist EMT - Additional: 75-125 Hours
     Paramedic - Additional: 750-1250 Hours
     Instructor Coordinator - Additional: 150-200 Hours
     Critical Care Paramedic - Additional: 80-100 Hours

Q: How many calls does MAFFAA respond to annually?
A: In 2017, MAFFAA responded to roughly 4,000 requests for assistance within the MAFFAA coverage area, and the surrounding mutual aid areas.

Q: How are Emergency Medical Services governed in Calhoun County? 
A: The State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) – Bureau of Trauma and Emergency Preparedness (BTEP), oversees all EMS Agencies in the State of Michigan. In addition the Calhoun County Medical Control Authority oversees all EMS Agencies operating in Calhoun County.

Q: What are Mutual Aid Agreements?
A: Mutual Aid Agreements are agreements between neighboring agencies to answer emergency calls when the needs of a community are more than the primary provider can respond to. You will find Mutual Aid Agreements in all levels of public safety services (Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Service). MAFFAA has Mutual Aid Agreements with LifeCare (Battle Creek and Branch County), Albion Community Ambulance (HVA/ACA), and Eaton Area EMS.

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