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Authority Advantage

Peace of Mind When You Need It The Most

Did you know that most insurance does not pay ambulance bills at 100% and that most have deductibles or co-pays?

Protect yourself and your family from unexpected out-of-pocket expenses due to a medical emergency that requires ambulance transport.  


Enrollment is only offered to those residing in the service areas of the City of Marshall, Burlington, Convis, Clarendon, Eckford, Fredonia, Lee, Marshall, Marengo, and Tekonsha Townships.

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  • No out pocket expense for medically necessary ambulance services including deductibles & co-pays.

  • Medically necessary services NOT covered by insurance are rendered at a 20% discount from regular rates.

  • Covers ground ambulance services provided by Marshall Area Firefighters Ambulance Authority within its service area.

  • All residents who reside at the address provided are included in the membership.

  • Provides medically necessary non-emergency ground ambulance services from hospitals according to the terms of this membership.

    • Medically necessary ground ambulance service is defined as the specific need for emergency care or stretcher ambulance transportation to the closest most appropriate facility and from a hospital where other forms of transportation would be medically inappropriate given a patient's condition (transfers to a higher level of care).

Services NOT Covered

  • Transportation beyond the closest appropriate facility or to a physician's office, dentist, physical therapy center, or pharmacy is not covered.

  • Ground ambulance services not defined as medically necessary are not covered.

  • Many area fire departments assist with medical emergencies and Authority Advantage does not pay for those services.

Fee Schedule

Memberships are billed annually at the following rates:

$35 for senior citizens 65 & over
$45 for all other residents of the Authority Area.

Happy Elderly Couple.

Authority Advantage Membership Form

Click here to upload the application for a membership in our Authority Advantage Program

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