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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to become a Paramedic?

It takes approximately 2.5 semesters (1 1/2 years)  to complete the education required to become a Paramedic.  Paramedic students spent two semesters participating in classroom learning & simulation labs, participating in ride-along observation/training with available EMS agencies & hospital departments such as out-patient surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics, and the emergency department.  Once they have completed their studies they are required to participate in an internship program, working under the auspices of a training Paramedic before they are cleared to take their National Registry Exam and received licensure in the State of Michigan.   Paramedic studies require students to learn cardiology, pharmacology, and a variety of emergency care procedures such as the administration of medication(s) and life-saving procedures.  Should a Paramedic want to continue on with their education, the next level & final level above them is Critical Care Paramedic, which allows those who have attended further studies at the college level to monitor ventilators during transport and administer/monitor medications outside of their norm.  Paramedics & Critical Care Paramedics operate under the auspices of our local medical control doctor and ER physicians.  They are highly trained and have met the rigorous training required to provide an extension of emergency room care to patients.

Do you have to be a firefighter to apply at MAFFAA?

No.  While our organization was established by local firefighters, due to our increase in available EMS units & staff we have since branched off to our own building and many of our employees are not firefighters.  We still work very closely and autonomously with our local fire service agencies, but you are not required to be trained in fire fighting skills to work at our service.

What type of shifts are available?

A great majority of our employees work 24 hour shifts, however we have several 12 hour shifts.

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