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Upgraded Cots Arrive at MAFFAA

Jun 26, 2023

Stryker delivers our newest upgraded cots

MAFFAA Employees with Stryker Representative Maegan Beveridge.

After 15 years of significant use, our Stryker Power-Pro Cots were updated last week with 5 new Power-Pro 2 cots. At a cost of $159,744.43, the new cots have upgraded features that not only make the job of lifting/moving patients safely but also provide more patient safety.

The new Stryker cots make it easier for Paramedics & EMTs to navigate through tighter quarters with a new retractable foot section. The cots are also designed to perform unassisted lifts and reach an optiomal loading height utilizing smarter hydraulic assemby with load-sensing capabilites. The cots are rated for a maximum of 700 pounds.

Stryker has also improved batter life and management of the lithium-ion batteries that enable EMS to lift patients without having to perform manual lifting. This has been elemental in reducing the risk of spinal injury to EMS workers across the country.

We are proud to deliver this newest technology not only to the community, but to our employees who make a difference each and every day.

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