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Welcoming The Newest Fleet Member

Nov 27, 2023

Coming to serve you soon!

MAFFAA welcomed home our newest addition to the fleet. Built by Osage Ambulance in Linn, Missouri the truck consists of a new chassis with a remounted box. The new chassis replaces our oldest unit with the most miles on it. Complete with a new floor which was damaged from corrosive salt, the box is just like brand new...with a few added features to facilitate patient care while travelling down the road. With the turnover of each truck due to high mileage, our crews pay an integral part in the design or redesign of the replacement. After all, there is nothing like experience to assist in design improvements. The new unit was delivered by an Osage representative last week and is now in the process of having our logo and decals applied. Once the unit is fully stocked and inspected by the State of Michigan, it will be ready to hit the road to serve the community.

Director Nick Smith inspects the new arrival.

Soon, it will look like the rest of the fleet.

All units have been fitted with five-point harness systems to keep our crews and other attendants as safe as possible.

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